Disposable non-chemical medical consumables and haematological consumables

Country: Estonia
Language: EN ET
Customer: Sihtasutus Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum
Number: 4836484
Publication date: 14-10-2017
Source: TED
Descripition in original language


  1. Section I
    1. Name and addresses
      Sihtasutus Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum
      Puusepa 1a
      Telephone: +372 7319435
      E-mail: helga.mikk@kliinikum.ee
      Fax: +372 7319402
    2. Joint procurement
    3. Communication

      Additional information can be obtained from
    4. Type of the contracting authority:
    5. Main activity:
  2. Section II
    1. Scope of the procurement:
      1. Title:

        Uroloogiliste protseduuride vahendite ostmine.

        Reference number: 191533
      2. Main CPV code:
      3. Type of contract:
      4. Short description:

        Hanke eesmärk on sõlmida raamleping uroloogiliste protseduuride vahendite ostmiseks. Raamleping sõlmitakse tähtajaga kuni 31.12.2020.

      5. Estimated total value:

      6. Information about lots:
    2. Description
  1. Additional information
  2. Date of dispatch of this notice
  3. Original notice reference
    2017/S 196-402371
  1. Information to be changed or added
    1. Text to be corrected in the original notice
      Section number: IV.2.2
      Place of text to be modified: IV.2.2
      Instead of:

      10.11.2017 10:00.


      13.11.2017 10:00.

      Section number: IV.2.7
      Place of text to be modified: IV.2.7
      Instead of:

      10.11.2017 10:00.


      13.11.2017 10:00.

    2. Other additional information

      Hankija muutis pakkumuste avamise kuupäeva.

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